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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life

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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Lawrence Dieter (also know by many, simply as "dieter") relocated to the California central coast after chiropractic college in 1989. After 6 years in private practice, transitioned into doing what is formally called "locum tenens" or in plan English, a traveling-substitute chiro. Covering for other chiropractors who wanted vacation time, while others needing a pitch-hitter because of some miscellaneous injury. During the past 11 years he has traveled through out California and spent several years living in New Zealand and Australia. His focus has always been to give people the tools/knowledge to speed up their recovery and maintain an even higher quality of life. One example is the 800-1,000 people per day viewing which is Googles #1 site for "muscle stretching". This Feature, I would like to increase your quality of life, which as master card would say, is "Priceless". Giving you here, the simplest of ways to impact your life. . If you smoke and either cannot stop or are not ready to make a full commitment then try going "half way", Try This: Only smoke the first half of the cigarette. Why? The last half of the cigarette acts as an additional filter for the first half. Therefore the last half of the cigarette has majority of chemicals and toxins, possibly 70%! This does not change the fact that the first puff parallelizes the cilia (the hair like structures which are responsible for "sweeping" out the mucous which has trapped bacteria.) for 8 minutes. This accounts for the classic morning smokers cough attempting to do the work of the cilia. Taking this one health step is significant ! "Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb." Calvin Coolidge . Weight Watchers emphasizes the intake of the proper amount of water. People who drink the proper 50-70 oz. of water per day, loose weight more easily and have less bony degeneration latter in life. Making this H2O ice water will cause your body to increase its metabolism in order to maintain a constant core temperature (which is a major priority and is an easy 6-8 pounds lost per year). . What ever you give the mind and the body, the mind and body will develop an appetite for. Whether you give the body potato chips, a sofa and TV sit-coms or if you feed your body fresh air, exercise, fruits and vegetables, unprocessed protein and the discovery channel, this will be your craving. In three to six weeks your mind and body will anticipate and crave your new lifestyle. . Posture: All things being equal, the person with the best posture will be the most attractive. The most attractive will get the nod in job interviews, promotions; go ahead, use your imagination of all the possibilities. Try this; find a wall, put your heels, buttocks, back and head against the flat surface. This is good posture, even if it is a little exaggerated. This will retrain the body and teach it what normal should be. When an attractive woman enters the room, the men's posture always improves. And as for the women's perspective, I'll need to ask the ladies for their feedback on what situations will instantly improve the female posture. . Optimism: the optimist will live longer, smile more, overcome set backs quicker and will wait the longest to seek needed medical attention. For a daily email of tips of how to improve your quality of life log on to . Exercise: "O no not again" "ya, ya" or "Cool, got anything new?" if you could do abdominal toning exercises while standing at the bank or post office, would I have your attention? If there was a stretch for your hips which you could do while in a business meeting and appear attentive and interested, would you read further? Here is the hip stretch and instruction on this and many others are located at Abdominal Toning: 1. Start by standing up. 2. Lightly tighten you stomach muscles. (A.) Suck in Your Gut ...Or... (B.) Firm up Your Stomach by Pushing Down, Try Them Both.) 3. Hold them lightly tighten. 4. Then take slow, deep breaths, in and then slowly out, all the while holding your stomach muscles tight. After 7 or 8 breaths you will feel the oblique abdominal muscles begin to be recruited, then the lower and upper abdominals being slowly synched tighter ALL without any more effort than the initial light muscle tension. You can do this toning exercise Anywhere ! . Breathing & Stress: For unknown reasons, the Latino cultures around the world all have a tendency to hold their breath at the onset of any apprehension. Curious as It seems confront a Italian, Brazilian and Spaniard & Hispanic person and they are holding their breath. You can signal to the mind and body stress just by holding ones breath. Or you can take a deep breath in, push it all the way out and take another one in. The extra oxygen will tell the mind and the body that everything is OK, even when it isn't.